Lunabee explored the world of keyboards, samplers and computers with her 10 fingers, delighting in odd
sounds, and swooning with pleasure at being able to play alone with a full orchestra of 1s and 0s. She
felt a strange attraction to murky things, mingled with an irrepressible aspiration for beauty. So
great was her enthusiasm that she began to write songs and even sang them. The world of "Prenez
garde aux flots bleus" took shape. Strangely enough, she always sang too high for her range... So
she asked Pascale Vevloet, whose the pure and delightful voice delighted her ears, to sing those
ethereal tunes. Then Pierre Louis and Brigitte Thiriart, two lyrical writers who revolve in a similar
galaxy as she does, offered her made-to-measure lyrics she hastened to set to music.
Unexpectedly, Pierre Vervloesem arrived, offering to finalize the album. He added, here and
there, the magic touch of his guitars, mixed the whole thing with great mastery, and burned a disc
that Lunabee cloned in great numbers. All this is now splendidly wrapped in crispy cellophane, with a
beautiful underwater booklet by Thierry